Living Room sESSion


Dear Pantam-/Handpan-Friends

Since we moved into our own EchoSoundSculpture facilities in Lenzburg, there was the vision to offer a platform for musicians and handpan lovers, to use this space for informal performances and workshops – and obviously the chance to connect with other musicians and handpan lovers.

This concept, we call the „living room sESSion“ and after gaining first experiences we start by with new ideas and highlights:

> Every last friday of each month from 2 to 5 p.m. we open the doors of our workshop for interested people, who are wishing to look over our shoulders or want to pick up their reserved instrument.

> On selected Saturdays our workshop place in Lenzburg becomes a melting point of creativity, personal and musical exchange: At midday we start with a Jam Session, where everybody is invited to bring their instruments and inspiring ideas – Snacks are available as well as a bunch of AsaChans in different scales, that can be tried out. These days always end with an intimate concert of an international performer (stage time on Saturdays: 5 p.m.).

> From time to time and in corporation with befriended and experienced musicians we are able to offer playing workshops in our premises. For about 4 – 5 hours interested people (groups of max. 5 persons) benefit of intense teachings to gain their playing skills. By the way, to improve the group experience, it is possible to use instruments with the same scale during these workshops.

> For interested and recurrent guests, partners and supporters we created a member card, here you can find out more about this special offer called „living room guESSt“.

> If you just want to induldge in memories, check the section „living room’s bESSt“.

At least, the actual program and plans for the upcoming months are updated (ir)regularly. We are gladly looking forward to welcome you to these „living room sESSion“ – to share more experiences and music with other passionate people!

Best wishes and hope to see you soon,

ESS Team