About us

We are a handpan / Pantam studio based in Switzerland creating passionate instruments since 2009.

The instruments are produced by Flavio Brant Alvim, who is a the Co-founders of EchoSoundSculpture (ESS) and a handpan maker.

Flavio Working
in 2014

Our team of collaborators are composed by the musicians:

Damien Vielle

Covid-19 and a New Begin

In 2020 the Swiss Handpan Community and EchoSoundSculpture lost the Living Room Session, and with that we all got a little lonely and sad.

In 2021 still not able to make concerts and with Valerio leaving the company to build a family in another part of Switzerland, Flavio and Ezahn Bueraheng decided to start all over again in a new workshop in Oberkuhlm.

In the end of 2022 Ezahn, founder of ESS decided to take a break from building and step out of the company.

From 2023 on Flavio Brant Alvim, co-founder of EchoSoundSculpture GmbH in 2015, became the only Handpan maker of ESS.

But he would not stay alone for long, with the collaboration with the musicians Damien Vielle and Drui Glueck Schmid a new EchoSoundSculpture Crew is Born. 

You can read more about our history here.