Our Philosophy

EchoSoundSculpture has been using “made with love and passion” for over 10 years already and we decided to use this subtitle because we learned by experience that our well being shows up in our instrument.

Following this intention to be passionate about the work and put love on it, we decided long ago to not build our handpans in a production line and create by hand every instrument from the beginning to the end in tune with our well being, otherwise it is impossible to apply a good intention to the work.

That means if you are not feeling good, go walk or take the broom and sweep the floor of the work shop while you put your mind in a better place, there is always something to do that can help to do that.

We think most professions should be able to do the same, imagine being operated on by a surgeon that is feeling depressed or angry with someone, or eating food made by a chef in the same situation. But unfortunately that is not a value in our society.


This attention on well being extends to the person that orders an instrument, being the contact done personal when they come to visit us or by email when they are somewhere around the globe.

The relationship between two human beings should not be reduced by the commercial activity between them.

The result of giving this time and space for respect for the moment of each human being, including our own, are best human relations and high quality instruments.