FAQ 2022 Update

1. What is the AsaChan made of?

The AsaChan is made from ESS Nitrated Carbon steel or ESS Chrome Steel, which is Half-deep-drawn, Half-Hand Sunk and hand hammered into tune.

2. Who builds the AsaChan?

All our instruments are handcrafted by the EchoSoundSculpture Team.

3. In what country is the AsaChan made?

The AsaChan is constructed entirely in Switzerland

4. Can I buy an AsaChan?

Yes! You can visit our webpage for the online shop where you can check our available instruments or learn how to order a new one. You can also write us here: echosoundsculpture@gmail.com

5. How many AsaChan are built every year?

Depending on the years planned production rates usually between 50-150 AsaChan are built every year.

6. Why does it take so much time to build the AsaChan compared to other instruments?

The AsaChan is a new instrument and continues to develop. We like to take time for experimentation and research in an effort to continually improve all aspects of the instrument. All stages of building are done individually by one person and much of this by hand. Like with any quality craftsmanship this leads naturally to a lower output of completed instruments. Furthermore, we do not intend to grow our company the traditional way. We are happy to be able to create at the kind of pace we need so we can maintain creative control and fully ensure the quality of each sculpture.

Here you can have a glimpse into how the instruments are born.

7. What size/Thickness are the AsaChan/AsaChan MiRim? 

The AsaChan is 53cm in diameter and 26.5cm in depth, with a thickness of 1mm or 1.25mm.

The AsaChan MiRim is 46cm in diameter and 20.5cm in depth, with a thickness of 1mm or 1.25mm.

We also offer 50cm in diameter and 23.5mm in depth, with a thickness of 1mm or 1.25mm.

All of the above mentioned models are also available in our Chrome Steel. (Stainless Steel)

10. Can I ask for any scale on my AsaChan?

Yes you can order from our standard list or customise your own scale, respecting the limits of the instrument.

Here is the list of our standard scales http://echosoundsculptures.com/videos/

11. Can I order a bag for my AsaChan?

Yes, you can choose a Hardcase Technologies bag to place with your order.

12. Can the AsaChan be safely shipped?

Yes, we are shipping instruments around the globe for 11 years now and can guarantee for the safety of this process.

13. Can an AsaChan be repaired if it gets damaged?

It depends on the damage. We will need a precise description and most likely a video of the instrument, to hear and see the damage before an assessment can be made. Please write us an email with the subject: “Damaged AsaChan“.

14. Do you offer a retuning service for AsaChan?

Yes, we will retune your AsaChan whenever they require it. Please email us at echosoundsculpture@gmail.com

15. Do you offer a retuning service for other tuned steel instruments/Handpans/Pantams?

Yes, contact us here: echosoundsculpture@gmail.com

16. I have general questions about playing technique, other AsaChan enthusiasts and community gatherings. Is there a way I can find information about such questions?

Yes, we recommend www.handpan.org/forum/. There is a lot of public information on almost all subjects to do with Handpan/Cupola/Pantam on the site, also including specific information regarding the AsaChan.

17. Can I resell my AsaChan?

You can sell your AsaChan, there is no agreement necessary regarding second hand sales. We would advise people who are less familiar with the handpan community that it is generally encouraged that such rare instruments are not bought and sold simply for profit.

18. Do you have a problem with me swapping/trading my AsaChan?

No you are free to swap your AsaChan.

19. Can I exchange my AsaChan?

Yes, within one month you can exchange your AsaChan but will ultimately depend on the actual state of affairs. If you made your decision, really thought it through and want to exchange or return your instrument you can send us an email so we can talk about it. We are always open for and gladly receive your honest feedback!

Please do note that we will not cover accidents and damaged caused on your part.

20. Do you recommend any care and maintenance procedures for the AsaChan.

Yes, we highly recommend you to take care of your AsaChan and clean it from time to time! Our personal practice is:

Generously apply rubbing alcohol or acetone on a paper towel and wipe the surface of the instrument thoroughly to take off any residue and oil. Let the surface dry completely. Add some Phoenix Oil with a microfibre cloth and your good to go! Your instrument is now clean, shiney, with a great scent to it and certainly happy and well taken care of.

You can order Phoenix Oil with your AsaChan if you’d like.

21. Does each AsaChan have a serial number?

No, we do not put serial numbers on our AsaChan. Each instrument will be signed by us and will have the name of the scale. We also inscribe the date when it was glued.

22. What about import fees?

The import fees and taxes depend on your local custom and tax authorities and will be calculated accordingly. We do not have any control over these factors. Import fees and taxes are to be taken care of in the buyers behalf. We highly recommend you to inform yourself beforehand to be sure you won’t have to deal with unexpected costs.

23. Can I play my AsaChan outside?

Yes you can but we highly recommend you never play in direct sunlight. If the instrument gets hot there is a possibility that it will detune, temporarily at first but if a certain degree will be reached the detuning will be permanent.

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