Our history

EchoSoundSculpture has a long history in the handpan / Pantam scene that paved the way of what we are today.

Everything started way before all the knowledge and all the tools to build a handpan were available on-line.

In early 2009 The Thai artist Ezahn Bueraheng after seeing a handpan on the streets started experiences in his basement.

Would take 3 years to in 2012 the firsts handpan / Pantam prototypes started to appear.

Koji Matsumoto Plays one of the earliest AsaChan prototypes

Our beloved two rings logo appeared for the first time in August of that year, a curious Prototype developed by necessity in a time when ESS had only bottom shells, it got the name of Double Ru.

Ezahn plays the Prototype made only with bottom shells

In 2013 Flavio Brant Alvim moved to the same community called Chostchuus in Rupperswil where Ezahn lived and had his EchoSoundSculpture Lab / Studio. A little after that Flavio was trained by Ezahn and It didn’t take long until both neighbors where working together in that historical and small dungeon. Family ESS was born.

 The Old EchoSoundSculpture Lab / Studio (2010-2015)

Around that time we stopped buying material in Thailand and started to work only with Swiss companies where the Handpan / Pantam shells are pressed and treated.

the AsaChan 2nd Generation was born in this period.

AsaChan 2nd Gen 2015 with Lauri and Daniel Wapples

In the very next Year in 2015 ESS would become EchoSoundSculpture GmbH and a new workshop was opened in Lenzburg Switzerland.

Flavio and Ezahn would get the administrative help of Christian Ryser, the family was growing.

Bruno Bieri plays the alphorn in front of ESS Studios in Lenzburg

In 2016 the first stage dedicated for Handpans / Pantams with regular concerts in Europe was Open at EchoSoundSculpture Studio in Lenzburg with the name of Living Room Session.
The Living Room Sesson did not just attract the attention of handpan enthusiasts but also the artists that called us to play on our stage.

Manu Delago & Christoph Pepe Aue

The Living Room Session became one of the most important centers of handpan / Pantam gathering in central Europe, attracting musicians and audiences from all over the world. The shows were recorded and are available on our YouTube channel.

In 2018 another handpan maker would come to be part of the ESS Family. Side by side with Flavio and Ezahn, Valerio Menon was actually returning to ESS once that he was there in 2015 where he started to learning to build handpans among other makers, in 2016 helping with the very first Living Room Session and in 2017 with “AsaChan Meu edition” collaboration.

The EchoSoundSculpture Team in 2018
The EchoSoundSculpture Team in 2018

Read here how the company are now structured.