Living Room guESSt

Would you meet some other passionate people, to play and exchange? Are you interested to join a players workshop to gain your skills? Would you have the chance to see intimate performances of well-known musicians on our living room stage?

Then you should become a Living Room guESSt: Not just to support the musicians, that are playing those non-commercial orientated concerts in our facilities – but even to benefit from different supplies. Because as an owner of the personalized member card below,



you’re able to see all concerts in our living room for free.

you’ll get a 20%-discount on merchandising and player workshops.

if you order some materials or you’d like to rent a chamber in our facilities, you’ll get a reduction of 10%.

once per year, you have the opportunity to be privileged added on our retuning-list.


There are two options, to become a part of the inner circle:

>> One-Year-Membership for regularly guests and interested supporters: CHF 200.–

>> Try-A-Day-Membership for single events (workshops, concerts): CHF 20.– (companions pay half price, kids join for free)