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Dear All,

It has been one year since the ESS building team moved into our new Workshop. Over this last year we have initiated many new projects, which, along with our regular building and development work means that our time has been spent in the following ways:

1st Opening our workshop and studio each Friday to visitors and customers to play the AsaChan and our newer AsaChan MiRim.
2nd Hosting the Living Room sESSions, where guests are invited to a concert given each month by different Handpan/Pantam musicians.
3rd Holding Handpan/Pantam player workshops.
4th Developing The MiRim, a new smaller diameter member of the EchoSoundSculpture family.
5th Building our regular AsaChan instruments.
6th Building several AsaChan Limited Edition.

Last year it has been a significant challenge to balance our new developments and initiatives and our long term building goals. Some of our experiments Last year have borne fruit and have been successful, but some have not. The end of last year has given us time to reflect and consider how to better split our time between newer initiatives and making progress building the AsaChan and AsaChan MiRim.

For 2017 we have decided to focus on fewer of the activities mentioned above. We will continue to build the original size AsaChan (standard) although we plan to change some aesthetic aspects of its design, aiming for a different beauty, colour and better material. We are changing the dimples of tone fields to the Eye Dimple design first introduced on the limited edition AsaChan 1. We have developed a new shape for the centre dimple and a new colour for the instrument. This year we plan to build a limited number of AsaChan (standard) and only 4-5 special Limited Edition AsaChan. We will continue to build and develop the AsaChan MiRim. After lots of experimentation this year on the AsaChan MiRim we have learnt a great deal about its geometry and have discovered more and more about the sound character of the MiRim. In 2017 The Living Room sESSions will run only once per month, excluding the two months of summer. This means that we plan to host 10 concerts next year and we hope to include two performing artists at each concert, which will remain small and intimate. As with concerts last year, interested parties must contact us in advance to reserve a place for the concert. We will invite visitors to play AsaChans instruments at Open Days on Friday afternoons at the end of the each month. Again, please contact the ESS team in advance to book an appointment.

All the best

ESS Team

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  1. Hello ezhan and his team
    It is now 3 years since I seek to touch AsaChan.
    I just wanted to know if for the year 2017 a list is being prepared, and how to get there?
    Maybe today is the only way to touch AsaChan and move to you on a Friday?
    Can not touch AsaChan I made 2 small videos with Asachan lalabye
    Sample with hpd20:
    I wish you lots of good things for 2017

  2. Hello ezhan and his team

    It is now 3 years since I seek to touch AsaChan.
    I just wanted to know if he soon had a list that was going to open? And how to participate?
    Is that the only way to be able to approach AsaChan is to move that Friday?

    Not able to make sing a real AsaChan, I made 2 small videos with samples AsaChan (lalabye) play on Hpd20
    Eahan song
    AsaChan ultimate dream:

    I wish you all good at all


  3. Hi congratulations for your work, asachan touch my heart !!! I follow you for 2 years, from your latest news tell us that you expect the sale in 2017 of new standards asachan. my question is: will open a new waiting list (so I must follow you on facebook) or do I follow the online section on your site? one last question for you: you can put a video of the model f annaziska? thanks Maurizio from rome

  4. Hi !
    I like to come once for a living room session or for a monthly friday. Please can you tel me what to do to make it possible ?

    Thanks a lot.


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