New Workshop

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Dear AsaChan Fans,

This is a brief update to say that I have arranged to move into a brand new workshop in the near future. This new workshop is significantly bigger than my current work space and will greatly improve my ability to design and create future sound sculptures. My current plan is to move all ESS production to the new workshop on the 1st of December. This move will take a few weeks to complete before full production can recommence. My intention is to complete my 2015 AsaChan list early in the New Year and will hope to be building in the new workshop from January. At the moment I am still steadily building AsaChan for my 2015 list and after much construction experimentation this year I have settled on an architectural design that I feel is best for my new material. I am happy with my current quality but will continue to learn from each completed instrument. Thank you all for your continued patience and support.

Best wishes,

Ezahn Bueraheng
AsaChan Creator & Tuner
EchoSoundSculpture GmbH