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Welcome to the New EchoSoundSculptures website.

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  1. Well done Ezahn – your new website is gorgeous. Even more photos to drool over :oD

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter again.

    I did the same on your old website earlier this year (in fact I tried to contact you several times last year, but the emails bounced 🙁 )

    I’m just going to keep trying and hoping and waiting to be owned by one of your creations… I love the ESS Asachan so much… it seeps into my soul.

    With love, golden sunlight, gratitude and hugs,
    Juliet (tuscanwellies on handpan.org) xXx

  2. Greetings from SE Texas, USA-

    Brother Ezhan, this magnificent website compliments your magical creations beautifully…congratulations.

    I have spent hours admiring your work and as a result been inspired to sculpt a sound of my own. As my journey began initially, I was inclined to include myself on other maker’s lists to increase the odds of obtaining an instrument of my own. The very first pan destined for my possession will be home shortly. I AM so certain the next will be an AsaChan (destiny cannot be denied), that I will not acquire one from any other maker…on my word.

    There is an unexplainable impulse within my soul to posses and connect with an instrument that is/has been solely my own. So I will wait however long it takes to be blessed with one of yours. Please don’t forget about me.

    Humbled and Grateful in advanced,

    Danilo V…

    1. Every time I come here looking for news I feel like a hypocrite. So I must get this off my chest.

      Since posting my previous statement I have come across and have gotten to know other sounds I love as well.

      Destiny and generosity has one of those lovely vehicles heading to our home this very moment. Hence the sense of hypocrisy.

      They all have their own characteristics, and the AsaChan still has its unique place in my heart.

      Believe me, I do have the patience. And I AM still hoping to one day posses a piece of your passion.

      Danilo V.

  3. could you please add me to the waiting list, i really love your instruments !

  4. Hi Ezahn, please may you add me to your waiting list so one day I can own one of your beautiful creations?

    Please let me know.

    Peace & love,


  5. hello i’m valentina i felt in love with the instruments you create….it gave to me an heavenly sensation 🙂 sometimes i dream it in the night !!! i really would like to get one a day and play it….i saw that the waiting list is closed 🙁 , if there will be a spot available i left to you my email …….peace

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