EchoSoundSculpture Autumn Update 2014

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Hello Everyone,

Here is a brief update from EchoSoundSculpture. The AsaChan continues to develop and hopefully improve. I will take my usual winter break soon, so I may focus on researching and developing the AsaChan architecture, tuning and scales.
There are many variables in my creation process and some of them are difficult to control, as Iā€™m sure you can understand. Unfortunately, some recent delays mean that people who have been expecting an AsaChan from me in the next few weeks/months are now likely to receive their instruments after my winter break in 2015. It is difficult for me to maintain a long and large waiting list. So I will be focusing next year on a smaller target waiting list of around 20-50 instruments. This will allow me to spend a greater amount of time on each instrument maximising the quality of various design aspects of each sculpture. Specifically it will allow for a better period of sculpture maturing, where the fine tuning of each instrument can be more precisely refined.
These 20-50 AsaChan will be for people who have already contacted me in the last few years and, as usual, I will contact these people when their time is near. Can I please ask that people who have not yet had contact with me please be patient until I announce the opening of a fresh list.
I am grateful for the kind wishes and support of those who love and play the AsaChan. I am also grateful for the patience of those who have been waiting a long time.

Ezahn Bueraheng
AsaChan Creator & Tuner
EchoSoundSculpture GmbH

14 Replies to “EchoSoundSculpture Autumn Update 2014”

  1. Thank you, Ezahn! I am not sure if I am still on your waiting list, but I wish to be. Peace and Light, Pierce

  2. Congratz on the new website
    Dan Schachter here, I have Pantam(Sbp) from victor Am Aolian
    last year Claudiu Lazarciuc came to visit in Israel
    and it was the first time I heard in live ESS have to tell you I felt in love.. šŸ™‚
    I wish to be in the fresh new list for your instruments šŸ™‚

  3. Great to see new pastures for you. DONT know how I missed last two emails , I thought you were on your well deserved winter break. I look forward to 2015.
    Namaste Shey.

    1. Enjoy your well-earned break, and I can dream and hope to one day own one of your amazing sound sculptures. One just seems to be more heart-breakingly beautiful than the next…

      I’d like to be in the waiting list for the next waiting list LOL

  4. May I say, I feel honored to be on the waiting list for one of your breathtaking instruments. Visualization of receiving one and sounding it, alone and with friends, will be a recurring theme in the realm of my dreamscape world. Namaste, Asachan Master šŸ™‚

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