EchoSoundSculpture Summer 2014

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Hello Everyone,

To clarify on the question: “Why you don’t answer my email?”
Since 2011 I have received a lot of emails, around 5 to 8 per day. So up till today I have received over 6,000 mails!! Just imagine! Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to prepare an answer to these emails right now.
Today I continue making the AsaChan for people who contacted me earlier (approximately 2011-2013). In this list there are still over 500 people, which is a huge amount! My goal is not only to build to this order.
I also intend to keep learning and researching, to develop the AsaChan creation trying to improve its quality. This means that everything needs time and everyone needs to be patient…even the maker!
As soon as your time/turn is coming, you will have a quality answer from me.
thank you for your understanding.

Ezahn Bueraheng
AsaChan Creator & Tuner
EchoSoundSculpture GmbH

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  1. Ciao potresti darmi la tua email? vorrei scriverti una email riservata.grazie di cuore ps cancella il mio commento

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