Phoenix Oil

Product description
Phoenix Handpan Oil is the first product of Phoenix Handpan Care line.

Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and essencial oil with antibacterial effect, it helps to eliminate dust and dirt and to create a protective barrier on the surface without leaving residue and giving shiny finish.

Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t contain aggressive or acidic substances. The pleasant scent of lemongrass is the natural smell of some ingredients in our secret formula.

25 CHF.-


How to order the AsaChan 2020?

Choose your AsaChan model and scale in our YouTube Channel.

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If you have any questions or would like to ask for bottom notes or exclusive scales write us here:

When you are sure about your order, you can pay the deposit already (280 CHF.- *no refundable*

and you will be officially on our list.


The Price List:

AsaChan  2,800.00 CHF
AsaChan Yukon (Mutant)  2,800.00 CHF
AsaChan DuBas  2,200.00 CHF
AsaChan MiRim  2,000.00 CHF

*Bottom notes  150 CHF each*

The shipping cost is included.


The Bank details:
PostFinance, Bern, Switzerland
CH36 0900 0000 6183 4103 3
Lenzhardstrasse 11, 5600, Lenzburg, Switzerland


If you choose to do the deposit already,

please send us a confirmation at


We suggest that you follow this format:

Email subject: “Your Name” and “AsaChan model and scale”

In the email: Full name, full address for shipping, your questions and the deposit confirmation.


The estimated waiting time is one to three month.