AsaChan Sound Models 2017-2018

AsaChan “SaBye” 2017 (D / A B C# D E F# A)

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AsaChan “JaheRah” (C# / G# C# D F F# G# A C)

Is a unique variation of the G# Hijaz scale and can also be thought of as a variation of C# 5th mode harmonic minor scale. JaheRa has an infectious groove friendly nature. Full of tension in the high end and mystery in the low end JaheRa is a compelling and edgy sound model.

AsaChan “AmaRa7” (C / G Bb C D Eb F G)

The AmaRa 7 sound model is a deeper more restrained version of the AmaRa scale. In C the scale trades the high beauty of the original expression for increased solemnity and richness. The AmaRa 7 sound model is well suited to mellow peaceful playing.

AsaChan “TaruTao7” (C / F G Ab C Eb F G)

The Taru Tao scale model is a low register expression of the traditional Pygmy scale. This classic pentatonic C minor scale has a melancholy nature. Heavy and brooding this scale is very open and suitable for meditative explorative play.


AsaChan Sound Models 2015-2016

LidaBella 2017 (G / C D Eb F G Ab B C D)

LidaBella is a full expression of the C harmonic minor scale with a 5th jump from Center Note to the first note. LidaBella is full of melodic potential, capable of captivating tension and high shimmering beauty. Melancholic by nature but also passionate, LidaBella is a musically rich and rewarding scale.


NadiaLisa 2017 (F / C Db Eb F G G# C Db Eb)

NadiaLisa is a well-loved hexatonic expression of the C Phrygian scale. The scale is very organic and flexible capable of great poignancy and resolution. Dappled sunlight through green leaves, NadiaLisa has a vivid transcendent quality.



AsaChan Sound Models 2013-2014

AsaChan “SahaRa” 2013 D / G Ab B C D Eb F# G


AsaChan “LalanTa” 2013 D / G A B C D E F G

AsaChan “AnnaZiska” 2013 C# / G# A B C# D# E F# G#

AsaChan, “TalaySai” (ทะเลทราย) D / G A Bb C# D E F G

AsaChan “ChanDhra” D / G A Bb C D Eb F G