AsaChan “SaBye” 2017 (D / A B C# D E F# A)

Detail is coming soon…

AsaChan “JaheRah” (C# / G# C# D F F# G# A C)

Is a unique variation of the G# Hijaz scale and can also be thought of as a variation of C# 5th mode harmonic minor scale. JaheRa has an infectious groove friendly nature. Full of tension in the high end and mystery in the low end JaheRa is a compelling and edgy sound model.

AsaChan “AmaRa7” (C / G Bb C D Eb F G)

The AmaRa 7 sound model is a deeper more restrained version of the AmaRa scale. In C the scale trades the high beauty of the original expression for increased solemnity and richness. The AmaRa 7 sound model is well suited to mellow peaceful playing.

AsaChan “TaruTao7” (C / F G Ab C Eb F G)

The Taru Tao scale model is a low register expression of the traditional Pygmy scale. This classic pentatonic C minor scale has a melancholy nature. Heavy and brooding this scale is very open and suitable for meditative explorative play.