The Giving Project


Dear All,

The EchoSoundSculpture Giving Project is an idea to bring AsaChan sound sculptures to disadvantaged peoples and communities. We invite applications in writing or by email from panless people who perhaps know about handpan instruments but come from poorer countries and are unable to pay the high costs. We are also interested in providing an AsaChan for social groups such as schools and community projects, again in countries or regions that are disadvantaged. For example: a charitable group that build schools in Africa, We would like to know if I could provide an instrument for their music classes. Alternatively, if people in the handpan community know of talented musicians who have a passion and talent, but are genuinely unable to pay for a high quality instrument, We are interested in hearing about them.

How to apply

Interested people should contact me on my email address: with “The Giving Project” in the title,
or to write to me at my address:

Lenzhardstrasse 11,
5600 Lenzburg

We wish for interested parties to write about themselves and the reasons why they wish to own an AsaChan.

The Offer

This offer is for one AsaChan in a scale of my choosing which will be shipped free of charge in an Evatek case made by Hardcase Technologies. Importantly, We will not pay any import taxes to countries; these will need to be paid by the recipient.

The Giving Project is going to be done partly on trust between ourselves and the applicants, and We ask that people please respect our wishes to offer these instruments to genuine disadvantaged individuals and social groups who do not have a handpan. If you are able to pay for an AsaChan please be patient and wait for future opportunities to purchase an AsaChan of your choice.

We are fortunate to be able to design, create and play sound sculptures such as the AsaChan. We hope that through this initiative, The Giving Project will help spread these creations further through the world, into new areas, new communities and into new hands.


ESS Team